Buddy / Semi- Private Personal Training Sessions

Sessions will be tailored to the individuals goals and body type. This will include a combination of weights, cardiovascular, boxing, core and flexibility. Measurements and skinfolds taken on regular basis to identify that your goals are on track.


Mid mornings - Monday to Friday, with only a couple early spots left at this stage. Will definately be best in best dress.


  • Accountability to Personal Trainer and your Buddy
  • Measurements and skinfolds taken regularly etc
  • Every session recorded
  • Training with another person makes it cheaper and therefore enables you train more then once per week

Specific Selling Points

  • Geared towards your own personal goals even though you are training with another person
  • Work at your own pace, however you will still be motivated and supported by your trainer
  • Working with your trainer to ensure good technique making your workouts safer
  • Great way to build muscles enabling you to burn body fat more efficiently
  • Work outs become fun