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Heidi has been my personal trainer since October 2015. I was firstly referred to Heidi for massage by my Physio at Physioworks, Ashgrove and then began my training with her. I work with Heidi twice each week and have to say she is a dedicated professional. Heidi is helping me gain strength and endurance, we have fun and she has helped me realise that ‘yes’ I can do the things I previously thought impossible. I highly recommend her as both a trainer and masseuse.

Lynne Whittaker

I have been training with Heidi at Whollyfit for 5 years. Starting to exercise at the age of 52 was not easy and I had to find someone that had a strong back ground in personal training as well as someone who could take into account my physical requirements. I have a disc problem in my lower back as well as acute knee problems each one of the injuries are totally unique. My weight had gone through the roof and my fitness level was at 0. Heidi took all of this into account and tailored a fitness regime that suited me. Heidi understands the physiology of the body which is so important. I would recommend Heidi to anyone I know. She is a wonderful personal trainer

Pina Gillespie

I have been using a Personal Trainer for the last nine months. Before this, I was a gym regular gym for several years but just wasn’t seeing great benefit from all my hard work. It was getting to the stage where I felt like giving it all up and returning to my slothful ways.

So what has personal training done for me? Well here’s a few of the highlights:

  • I've dropped two dress sizes;
  • I've noticed improved muscle definition and tone in my whole body;
  • The dreaded cellulite isn't as noticeable
  • My fitness levels have greatly increased;
  • My stress levels have dropped;
  • My overall health and wellbeing has improved;
  • My motivation to exercise has been maintained through a constantly changing and challenging program; and
  • I haven't been injured once, despite some not insignificant back and shoulder problems which has never happened before.

It hasn't happened without hard work and commitment from both myself and my trainer, Heidi. Heidi has been wonderfully supportive, focused on me as a client, helped me set realistic goals and kept me on track. She does all this with a smile on her face, no matter how much I’m cursing her under my breath! It's never too late to improve your fitness; after all I'm a middle-aged mum and it's worked for me! I can't recommend Personal Training enough; it's a relatively small investment that pays big dividends.

Claire Marchesi

Hi, my name is Cheryl Roles and I am also a Personal Trainer. I met Heidi 4 years ago, backstage at a Body Sculpting Show. We were both competing and she was such a calm, composed, grounded soul amongst a fury of anxious, stressed competitors, and I gravitated towards her. She was confident, and caring, and she looked amazing!

We became good friends and I have since worked along side her as a trainer in Healthclubs. The personality that I was drawn too all those years ago, carries through to her work, and she conducts her business in a professional and supportive manner.

She continues to show, composure, calmness and an 'understanding', that enhances her clients experience with her. She has an extensive knowledge of the body and various training techniques to ensure that each and every one of her clients is trained in a way that is specific, and personal, to their individual needs and goals.

I consider Heidi to be one of the best trainers in Brisbane and I have often referred clients to her and I will confidently continue to do so for many years to come.

Cheryl Roles

It is with pleasure I write this testamonial for Wholly Fit. I have been a client of Heidi’s for the past 18 months. During this time I have been so lucky to have found a Personal Trainer who really cares and has taken the time to learn about my medical condition. Heidi has throughly researched and learnt about my limitations, which has enabled me to continue my fitness regime, with very few aches and pain. Each session is different and fun, and a positive for me as I believe that now, I can continue with my sessions and not be concerned with the after affects. Heidi is very professional, and will give 100% to her clients.

Monika McMahon

Heidi offers the tangible; the transformation of a dream into a reality. Progressive change does not occur without application and hard work. However, Heidi’s common sense ‘Wholly Fit? approach to diet and varied exercise can be summed up in the following:

"Success is neither magical nor mystical; success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals."

  • Eat small regular meals every three hours
  • Eat protein with every meal
  • Keep Hydrated.
  • Exercise daily including incidental exercise.

With guidance there is the added incentive of finding muscles that have been in winter hibernation. Once reactivated the body/mind/spirit under Heidi’s direction becomes stronger, more flexible, healthier and rejuvenated. The gradual elimination of the unwanted means success in baby steps which fuels it own success as the goal is achieved.

Helen Jackson

Having been overweight and unfit for several years, I made a conscious decision to get healthy in 2006. I met Heidi Strohschon of WhollyFit Personal Training around this time. Heidi is one of those rare people who you are instantly drawn to because of their energy and positive outlook on life. Heidi has continued to inspire me to set, meet and exceed my health and fitness goals. Heidi is committed to her clients 100% and for their sake, she doesn't take no for answer or let you give up on yourself. Since 2006, I have lost 30kg in weight and regularly engage in activities like running, playing squash, cycling (and...full body push-ups) I used to envy others being able to do. I don’t watch anymore, I do! Thanks to Heidi's personal training programme and eating plans, that she has devised for me personally, rather than some off the shelf generic package that I have to try and fit myself to, I've kept the weight off and continue to challenge and improve upon my fitness. If you're looking for a personal trainer who takes a genuine interest in you and your fitness goals, then you need to contact Heidi Strohschon and start really living your life today!

Amanda Fairley

Since I began training with Heidi in April this year, I have not only lost twelve Kilos but have regained my self confidence that had been missing for a number of years. Heidi is a great motivator who has given me back the focus I needed to improve my lifestyle. She has shown me over the past six months the importance of eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. This whole experience has made my goals become a reality much sooner than I expected, and for that I have Heidi to thank.

Wendy Shelley