Diet Calculator

This diet calculator uses your gender, height, weight and age to estimate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Your BMR is the energy your body uses just to survive, breath, pump blood etc. 

This will then be multiplied by your daily activity level, to give you your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). This is the number of calories you will generally use daily to stay at your current weight. We will then either subtract or add calories to help you reach your goals.

Whilst this is merely an estimation, it is an accurate one, and you will find it will come close to the numbers you’ll receive on a Body Composition Scan. Many factors can affect this, so monitor your weight loss or gain, and make small adjustments as necessary.  

How to Use This Information

This information will help you to track what you are eating, even if you only track your calories for a few weeks, you will get an idea of how much, and what items you should be eating.

I find the best app for counting your calories is MyFitnessPal (, you can customise the calories and macro nutrients off this page into your app, the calories estimated here will probably be lower than the ones estimated on MyFitnessPal however, this is due to a lot of formulas over estimating your metabolism.

MyFitnessPal can link to fitness apps and record exercise but be very careful of the added “exercise” calories, as these will GREATLY overestimate your calories for the day. It’s not hard to double your allowed calories when linked to a fitness app, as the formula on this page takes your activity and exercise into account, it is best to either un-link your fitness apps or take them as a grain of salt. I will often divide the extra calories by 10, for example if I have an extra 2000 calories for the day, I might safely add 200 calories to diet depending on how hungry I feel.

As usual this page is a guide only, always check with your doctor before making any major dietary or lifestyle decisions, and be sure to check back in regularly to update your weight and goals.